Posted June 26, 2020 at 1:45 am



OOOH I've never finished a whole book before, and it's a grand 285 pages long! There will be two more books, so the story is officially 1/3 done.

Now I'm gonna take one month break, and instead post some short comics, and a ~recap episode~ so that readers will remember what has happened so far.

On my "break" I'm gonna finalize the print version of the comic, so if you want to hold a physical copy of Tigers, you can get one soon from a kickstarter.


here's my patreon that allows me to draw this comic full-time!

here's a link to the discord server, where you can chat with other readers and where I will probably be howling a lot about the whole book-prepping stuff

This has been a big journey. I've learned so much of drawing comics, and writing stories. I'm gonna spend a lot of time to edit some things, fix the flow of some scenes, and maybe I'll draw a new page here and there to make the rhythm better. I'm gonna need to retcon some things too, there are a few contradictions in the lore here and there, but when the editing is done the first part of the story will be a lot better as whole.

First book focused on setting the world, and the characters relationships. It was very important to me to have a "slow" beginning, so I could get back on track on how to tell stories. Next part will focus more on Ludovica and her ambitions, and the thing that is Luck, and we will finally arrive to her destination, Swiddentown! I don't know how to say it any better than, I think the next book will be about the Shit Hitting The Fan haha.
It really feels good to have done all this work, the stage is set, and now I can finally light it on fire- I mean, to... reap what I have planted so long ago!

THANK YOU AGAIN for reading!

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