Posted April 3, 2024 at 3:47 pm


fun fact, this final scene was supposed to be at the end of book two, in the previous chapter. but I couldn't make it fit! so I moved it to the start of the second book- and now the first chapter was getting SO LONG THAT I HAD TO CUT IT SHORT AND MOVE A CERTAIN FIERY SCENE INTO THE FUTURE AGAIN.

And now we have two damn chapters named "a city of fire", and there is no fire. 

let this be a reminder that killing your darlings is important... I should learn to cut more and more...... 

I might end up rename these two chapters but, yeah, this is what it's like to make longform webcomics I guess!


OTHER THAN THAT it's time to answer some reader questions!

ask anything from the characters, or the author! I'll be answering the questions in comic form here while I write the next chapter!

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